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Established in 1998, Jiangsu Dewen Printing Consumables Co., Ltd is a leading custom label and sticker manufacturer, specializing in the wholesale sales and services of printing consumables. As one of the earliest manufacturers of office paper, we have a rich history in providing best-quality label and sticker products for commercial and daily use.

Over the past 26 years, our company has become one of the largest label factories in China, offering custom solutions and services for businesses. Our products are primarily exported to over 80 countries and regions across the world, and we proudly partner with multinational corporations for mutual growth and global success.

With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, we deliver customized solutions and service excellence for businesses of all sizes.

Types of Label We Made

Paper Labels

Also called paper-based labels or paper stickers, which are adhesive labels made from paper or cardstock materials.

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Film Labels

Also called film stickers or clear labels, which are adhesive labels made from a thin film material, usually a polymer or plastic substrate.

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RFID Labels

Also called RFID stickers, which are small electronic devices that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to store and transmit data.

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Other Labels

Labels made from other types of materials such as fabric, metal, or specialized labels for specific industries or purposes.

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Label Manufacturing Process

1. Design: Create label design, consisting of layout, text, and images.

2.Prepress: Prepare for printing, consisting of color and image adjustments.

3.Printing: Select appropritate material and technique to print.

4.Finishing: Apply further processes like polishing, laminating, or die-cutting.

5.Adhesive Application: Apply adhesive technique to layer if necessary.

6.Cutting and Packaging: Slice labels into individual units and package properly.

7.Quality Control: Inspect labels to ensure quality, color, size accuracy. 

8.Shipping: Prepare packaged labels for shipping.

label manufacturing process

Label Design Details

label design details
1. Quality Material: Our labels and stickers are using premium substrates for durability and versatility.
2. Strong Adhesive: Our labels and stickers are using specially formulated adhesive for safe and long-lasting adhesion.
3. Vibrant Printing: Our labels and stickers are using advanced techniques and premium inks for bold and vibrant visuals.
4. Durable Finishes: Our labels and stickers are usinga range of finishes and coatings to enhance durability and protection.
5. Easy Application: Our labels and stickers are using friendly or liner backing for hassle-free application.
6. Customization Options: We offer safety and reliance label solutions with additional features.

Label Benefits

1.Strong Branding: To strengthen brand recognition and professionalism with our custom sticker rolls or custom sticker sheets, making products outstanding.
2.Clear Communication: To provide essential product information with our custom roll labels or custom sticker sheets, helping clients make considered deternination.
3.Product Differentiation: To allow clients to create distinctive designs, setting products apart with our custom sticker rolls or custom sticker sheets.
4.Improved Efficiency: Labels inventory control management and product categorization management with our custom roll labels or custom sticker sheets.
5.Regulatory Compliance: To achieve industry regulations, ensuring legal compliance and security with our custom sticker rolls or custom sticker sheets.
6.Durability and Longevity: To use premium materials for long-lasting performance in our custom roll labels or custom sticker sheets.
7.Versatility: To apply diverse surfaces, adapting to variious packaging needs.
8.Customer Engagement: To create a positive impression with our custom sticker rolls or custom sticker sheets, building loyalty and repeat purchases.

Why Choose Us As Label Supplier

What Our Other Customers Say About Us

The overall use of Dewen Label is pretty good. I am so impressed with the label I purchased. The details is remarkable with clear text, and the high-standard material uesed gives the labels a luxurious looking and texture.

Abbott Brown

The vivid colors and clear graphics add a visually looking match our brand’s identity. The specially formulated adhesive for safe and long-lasting adhesion. Overall,  I am deeply impressed the label which I purchsed form this factory.

Aggie Davis

After-Sales Support

1. Dedicated Support

As one of the best sticker printing company, we are committed to provide professional support and dealing with any inquiries or concerns that clients may have, expecially when it comes to wholesale custom stickers. Our team is dedicated support to provding the excellent service and solutions for your sticker needs.

2. Timely Issue Resolution

As one of the best sticker printing company, we are committed to provide promptly and efficiently resolution of any problems or challenges that clients may have, guaranteeing a continuous experience with our private label wholesale solutions.

3. Product Guidance

As one of the best sticker printing company, we are committed to provide comprehensive sources and support to help clients maximize the benefits of our labels, including options like glossy sticker paper, clear sticker paper, waterproof sticker paper, and other options for their special needs.

4. Warranty and Return Policy

As one of the best sticker printing company, we are committed to provide clear warranty and return policy to guarantee clients rights and meet clients satisfaction.

5. Continuous Improvement

As one of the best sticker printing company, we are committed to value clients feedback and constantly strive to improve products and services, whether clients are purchasing individual stickers, service stickers, or wholesale stickers.

6. Long-Term Partnership

As one of the best sticker printing company, we are committed to enhance to build assurance and become clients preferred provider for continuous partnership.

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Labels FAQs

The flowlling different various of labels can be founded in our factory:

  • Direct thermal labels (such as custom shipping labels, 4×6 shipping labels, fragile stickers for shippping, price labels, packaging labels, medical stickers labels, and parking violation stickers)
  • Thermal transfer labels (such as shipping stickers, food label stickers, printable price tags)
  • Writable labels (such as medical stickers labels, identification labels, the office stickers, food labels stickers, and blank shipping labels)
  • Kraft labels (such as candle stickers labels, eco friendly stickers, food stickers labels, packaging labels, and coffee labels)
  • Synthetic labels (such as red wine labels, wine decals, food stickers, outdoor stickers, and health and beauty product labels)
  • PET labels (such as beverage drink labels, food stickers, medical stickers, and Eco friendly stickers)
  • BOPP labels (such as pharmaceutical labels, industrial labels stickers, tamper evident labels, and security stickers)
  • PE labels (such as tracking labels, equipment labels, price stickers, and inventory labels stickers)
  • PVC labels (such as automotive stickers labels, furniture stickers, outdoor stickers labels, and sports stickers)
  • RFID labels (such as inventory labels stickers, RFID tracking stickers, library book labels stickers, event stickers labels, and medical stickers labels)
  • Metal labels (such as electrical panel labels stickers, appliance labels, and gardening stickers)
  • Fabric labels (care labels for clothing, warning labels stickers, and medical labels)

We use premium materials such as paper labels, film labels, RFID labels and other materials for our labels. These materials are reliable and offer fantastic protection for you products.

We provide different kinds of standard dimensions for our labels, including extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. Additionally, we also have the capability to provide custom sizes to meet the specific demands of our clients.

Yes, we have the ability to provide custom sizes for our labels. Our professional and dedicated team will engage in with clients to identify the appropriate dimensions depends on clients specific needs.

Yes, we have the ability to provide various adhesive layer options for our clients based on different viscosity requirements. client have the flexibility to select the appropriate layer to satisfy their needs. 

We provide a various of printing options for our labels, including digital model and offset printing model. Based on clients design needs, clients have the options to choose single-color or full-color printing to meet their needs.

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